still combat 300x168 AboutAn experiential-based web show covering the celebrities, events and activities of pop culture, including fashion, comics, movies, television, music, games and more. If it’s popular I am stylin’ is there.

The show puts “kp” in the middle of the action to take fans where the action is, where the people are, and to let them experience things they would never get a chance to otherwise. From the comicon floor to the streets of Hollywood, from the velvet rope to the red carpet, I am stylin’ reports on the trends, as well as the classics, of the pop culture trends.

The “show” is event-based, meaning that when there is an event there is a show. Each show is comprised of multiple segments, based upon the length of the event, the content included in the event, and the opportunities we can secure to record, interview and participate.

Each segment is approximately includes a brief title opener, a single segment with title graphics (including the sponsors), sponsor commercials, advertising, out takes, and production credits. The single segment allows us to target the subject matter to the audience and encourages fan re-posting. We also allow embedding of the show to increase reach, frequency and impact.

still shatner 300x168 AboutThe show has been in development since April of 2010, and is evolving with every episode. With every new segment we make improvements that will make it better content, better production, and a better marketing vehicle for everyone involved.

Version 3.0 of I am stylin’: Adventures in Pop Culture (San Diego Comic Con) included a new branding package, new title graphics, a wider range of interviews and a scheduled shoot aboard the USS Midway. We’ve partnered with other media organizations to gain access to bigger celebrities, exclusive events.

We’ve also established a series of marketing support sites, services and social media, including:


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