When I was told we would be filming episode 100 of i am stylin’ this weekend at New York Comic-Con, I didn’t believe it at first.  It really seems like just yesterday we were talking about the concept of IAS and throwing the idea back and fourth.  I remember when KP first called me with the idea, I was skeptical.  But as we talked about it more and more, it even started to sound like a good idea.

Did you know that IAS branched off from our visits and photography at various celebrity gifting suites?  I’m sure you hardcore Stylin fans remember those first updates; little did we know the monster we would create.

ias nycc 300x199 100 Down... 100 to Go Now we get to travel all over the country and interview, film and play – what an experience it has been.  I’ve met everyone from Terrell Owens to Linda Blaire and everyone in-between.  I’ve seen exclusive previews for movies, TV shows, and video games and have experienced the lifestyle and community that surrounds Hollywood, and the entertainment industry.

The show may look glamorous, but what you don’t see is the insane hours that go into the show.  Planning, scheduling, traveling, meeting, shooting, editing, distributing – we sometimes work 15 hour days to get you episodes of IAS.

I hope that IAS has been a vehicle to take you to all sorts of fun events and happenings.  I hope you have found our show fun and entertaining.

As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight to New York I have had time to reminisce and think about the past 99 episodes.  I am proud of our journey that we have gone through up to this point, and am very excited for the journey to come.  We have some pretty cool things planned for the future of IAS (including an awesome 100th episode guest).  Be very very excited.

I hope that IAS has been a deeper glimpse into your passions and interests and you have had fun throughout our past 99 episodes.  Be ready for much more fun to come.

One last closing note… This show is totally for you, our viewer.  We want to know what you like, don’t like and any ideas that you have that will improve the show.  Please, send us an email for any of these reasons, or even just to say hi.  We’re normal everyday people just like you, and love to hear from our fans.  So please, reach out and say hello – we’ll listen we promise.

Chao for now, and keep on Stylin,


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