kp 300x200 100 Stylin’ Episodes   Now What?As I’m preparing for our shoot at the New York Comic Con I realized we’ll be taping our 100th episode of I am stylin’ | Adventures in Pop Culture.

Can’t believe it? Me either!

We started this “show” with very humble expectations; get the fans closer to the people,  the celebrities and events that are popular in our culture (i.e. pop culture). Admittedly, we figured we sell a few extra t-shirts for our sponsor, Stylin Online, and help get the good word out about their company.

What we didn’t realize is how well we would be received within the community of celebrities. It turns out that many knew of Stylin Online from appearances at gift suites in Hollywood for the awards shows, like Teen Choice® Awards, the American Music Awards®, the Emmy® Awards, and so on. Some had been customers for years before and had been buying shirts from the Stylin Onlines “Tower of T-Shirts” at the bigger comic conventions, like San Diego Comic Con, for years.

But the biggest surprise was in our fans, and our sponsors fans. First, that we had any, Secondly, that they were very passionate about our subject matter. By definition “pop culture” includes those things that are popular within our culture, but this was more that popularity. It was, in some cases, “fandamonium.” Viewers were (are) getting really excited about our “little show” and we are very surprised. And appreciative.

In television, 100 episodes are usually when a television show becomes viable for syndication. With 20 episodes per season (on the average), it takes almost 5 years to reach this point – we did it in less than a year. Albeit a very busy year, we did it, and we’re wondering – now what?

Well, we’re going to be celebrating our 100th interview by interviewing someone very special. I can’t tell you who – yet – until they confirm, but let’s say they are an icon in pop culture.

still cadillac 300x168 100 Stylin’ Episodes   Now What?

KP with Stylin Online CEO James Cucchiara

And, of course, we’re going to keep working on the show. Early fans will remember our meager beginnings, and our rapid development into a soundtrack, motion graphics and production credits! All fans can look forward to increased production values, access to bigger events and the people and celebrities who will fall into the category of “popular” as time moves on.

Professionally, I’d like to acknowledge our title sponsor, Stylin Online, and their CEO James Cucchiara as he has shared the vision, even when it was a little cloudy, of what  our show could be – and will be.

Personally, I’d like to thank our crew – the people I work with every show – for putting in the time and the extra effort in making me look better than I am at this job. Thanks to my Director of Photography Libor Cevelik, my assistant producer Todd Liss, and my editor Mike Lee and his team at StudiousOne – you guys rock! Our motion graphics team at Mind Over Media has us packaged up quite nicely, and specific thanks to Jason Mileto for his good work.

ias crew 300x200 100 Stylin’ Episodes   Now What?

Todd Liss, Libor Cevelik, KP

So far I’m just the fan that gets to ask the questions, but I’m trying to be the host that leads our mutual adventure. Please hang in there with me as I get used to the spotlight (however small it is, its still a spotlight ;-) as I try to not being sometimes the awe-struck fan (wait until you see my interview with Edward James Olmos ;-). I think there’s a lot of adventure left out there and hope you stick along for the ride.

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