Kristen Quintrall has screen credits that include some of the quirkiest titles we’ve seen; “Supercroc”, “Transmorphers”, “Invasion of the Pod People”. In addition to roles in the more mainstream “Universal Soldier”, and “The Apocalypse”, Kristen is also an experienced editor and director on work including “Quantum Apocalypse”, “The Hitchhiker” and “Freakshow”. KP catches up with Kristen during one of the Emmy@ Award gift suites in Hollywood to find out where those crazy sci-fi titles come from, and how her “mockbusters” have helped build her career. Want to learn more about Kristen Quintrall? Check out her IMDB profile for a complete listing of her work: To learn more about our show visit our Facebook Fan Page at, or our web site at Show suggestion, fan questions, special request? Email Check out our sponsor – – for 10,000 pop culture t-shirts in-stock & in your size:
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