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Good evening from Atlanta IAS fans.  Today was a long day of travel for our crew, as we left on flights from San Diego at 6:25 this morning.  After a stop in Phoenix we boarded our final flight to Atlanta.  We arrived tired and worn down from the day of travel, but were quickly rejuvenated by two things: 1. The atmosphere in downtown Atlanta and 2: Our hotel.  We’ll just say we’re on the 39th floor and our ears pop every time we come down the elevator.  As soon as you hit the lobbies of any of the main hotels, the atmosphere is electric.  The vibe at Dragon*Con is unlike any con we have attended.  People are excited to be here…really excited to be here.  On top of that, everyone is excited to be here together.  The only comparison I can make is it feels like Mardi Gras for fanboys and nerd girls alike.

After running around gathering our passes (Press Passes woot!) we got into the convention floor (or part of it) to get a feeling for the show.  This show is very unique based on the fact that it is inside multiple interconnected hotels.  It’s very cool to see the coordination between the different hotels, and the city of Atlanta.

For all you sports fans, it’s a big weekend here in Atlanta.  The Atlanta classic is on Saturday and the town is not only full of costume wearing visitors, but also LSU purple.  LSU and North Carolina are playing here on Saturday and it’s actually ESPN’s game of the week.  The two groups intermingling is pretty neat.

We decided to eat dinner last night at a restaurant which had outside seating which was great because we saw many notable characters including the zombie walk and Gilligan and the Professor.  I love Dragon*Con.  A trip was then in order to go out and check out the hotel nightlife and see what Dragon*Con had to offer.  It was crazy.

The Mariott was full of Dragon*Con’ers…all having a blast.  The hotel lobby, bar, conference rooms and walkways were full of scantily clad and costume wearing visitors, and it was a big party.  We had to call it a night at 3am as we have a full day coming up on Saturday – filming begins!

We hope you all are having a great holiday weekend and will give you all an update after our adventures Saturday.

Stay Stylin.


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