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The Crew of I am stylin'

Usually, we here at “i am stylin’” work hard to shoot others and make them look their best.  Recently, we were on the other side of the lens, this time the focus of a IAS photo-shoot.  CeCe Canton, founder of CeCe Canton Photography spent the afternoon snapping pictures of the IAS crew and documenting the great fun and chemistry we have.

The shoot started with some wardrobe work.  We all dawned our infamous IAS shirts and various accessories we have come to be known for.  CeCe then put all three of us in front of the camera together, and the session began.  Being in front of the camera seemed foreign for our Director of Photography Libor Cevelik – usually the man behind the lens.  After a few snaps he got in his groove and really enjoyed himself.

Untitled0004323 72 300x207 i am stylin Photo shoot at CeCe Canton PhotographyAfter the group session which was full of good old fashion trash talking, each IAS member stood solo in front of their camera for their individual sessions.  Despite the ribbing from KP, Assistant Producer Todd Liss wore his infamous pinstriped fedora in some of the pictures which was the source of much debate throughout the shoot.  We’ll be interested to hear all your opinions on the hat and settle the long running debate.  After the individual shots the photo-shoot continued with our Stylin gear shots.

We did various shots around the IAS team shirt as well as great shirts from our sponsor StylinOnline.  After a couple iterations of the shots with various lighting and arrangements it was time for the finale.  We loaded up KP with all of his convention badges and decided to take some pictures.  KP’s collection of badges dwarfed Mr. T’s and he was routinely heard saying, “You want into a convention, I’ve got the BADGES!”  Watching KP weighed down by all the lanyards was very entertaining to say the least, and made for some good pictures.

Untitled0004352 72 300x197 i am stylin Photo shoot at CeCe Canton PhotographyAfter a afternoon of hard work we had almost 10 gigs of photos which you all will be seeing some of soon.  It’s not all fun and games for IAS, as we are now prepping for our trip to Atlanta on Friday and our weekend at Dragon Con.  From what we have heard, we are in for an adventure as this con is unlike any of the others.

Make sure you check back here on the blog and on Facebook for updates from this weekend.

Keep on stylin’


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